Advanced Proton Pack


Light, easy to use, and hated by traditionalists, the Advanced Proton Pack’s biggest strength is how light it is (this is a relative statement), and its biggest weakness is that it uses Proton Cartridges. The Standard Proton Pack had to be redesigned in 1997 to control much more powerful spirits, and Dr. Spengler implemented some other features he had been toying around with.

Attack Modifier: +7
Weight: 30lbs
Charges: An Advanced Proton Pack uses Proton Cartridges, and carries eight at a time. Reloading a Proton Gun using the Advanced Pack takes a Reaction.
Standard Features:
Blast Stream
Capture Stream
Boson Darts
Fusion Blast Adapter
Shock Blast
Statis Stream


Advanced Proton Pack

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