Standard Proton Pack


It’s Heavy, Bulky, and has problems with overheating. The Standard Proton Pack has many disadvantages compared to the Advanced Model, including the fact that it can’t pack as much of a punch. However, it is cheaper to produce, and it only needs to cool off between each use, instead of needing a new power supply like the advanced model.

Attack Modifier: +5
Weight: 70lbs
Charges: Unlike the Advanced Model, the Standard proton pack doesn’t run out of a charge. However, it can only take so much use before needing to release some heat. A Standard Pack can only take 15 charges before needing to let off some heat. It takes a Standard Pack two rounds to vent off all of it’s heat.
Standard Features:
Blast Stream
Capture Stream
Boson Darts
Slime Gun
Slime Mine
Shock Blast
Statis Stream


Standard Proton Pack

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